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On March 16th, 2021 eight people were murdered in a mass shooting across three spa locations in the Atlanta, Georgia metro area. 6 of 8 victims were Asian women. For many of us who read the news, it seemed appalling to call this out as anything but a hate crime. These shootings were calculated and targeted. Not something you do when you’re “having a bad day” or simply in the way of venting.

This tragedy isn’t the first Asian hate crime. I am heartbroken over the violence and crime against Asian Americans. But this certainly won’t be the last report…

A DevOps Practitioner’s Guide

Over the past two and half years, I’ve had the opportunity to invest much of my time in data science, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI). This blog post answers many of the questions I recount having prior to learning about the work, techniques, jargon, and tooling in ML and AI.

What is AI and ML?

Many companies will market their systems or services as “powered by AI” when it’s not often the case. …

Classes I took for the Georgia Tech OMSCS program.

A Review of Machine Learning and Reinforcement Learning.

Over the past two years, I’ve been taking courses at Georgia Tech while working full-time. During this time, I was traveling, consulting, and working at a startup. If you have a similar workload or situation that requires 40–50 hours’ worth of full-time work a week, this may help you. This blog reviews popular courses for anyone in the OMSCS program with the Machine Learning specialization.

Let’s start with Reinforcement Learning.

CS7642: Reinforcement Learning and Decision Making

Out of all the courses that I’ve taken during this program, Reinforcement Learning has been the most engaging. It’s a machine learning course at the graduate level, so the expectation…

When we talk about continuous delivery, the part that gets left out is how we deliver sustainably and repeatedly. Reliability is everyone’s responsibility, but sometimes this statement can feel like it is at odds with innovating and delivering features quickly. Site reliability engineering (SRE) has been a hot topic this year as more guides around the role were shared, and more people stepped into this role than ever before.

When discussing Software Delivery, it’s crucial to discuss SRE and introduce software design implementation and maintenance practices to achieve both innovation and reliability work successfully. …

Living a container-native world is not easy. Containers have a reputation for being the point of security vulnerabilities for many organizations. In 2015, over 40 percent of Docker images distributed through Docker Hub had high-risk vulnerabilities; this was when there were over 95,000 container images hosted on Docker Hub. Today, there are over 3.5 million container images on Docker, and container security is a greater concern. In a more recent 2020 study by a team of researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology found container image vulnerabilities in certified and popular packages.

This is one example of many…

2020 became the year of virtual events. Canceling their travel plans, conference stakeholders such as attendees, speakers, and organizers all shifted to digital this year. These changes produced a wide spectrum of preferences, opinions, and lessons learned.

While we are all figuring out the best ways to move forward as an industry, we should always remember the human aspect of any gathering. Luckily, many conference organizers today are already asking the right questions, like “how do we encourage conversation and interactions?”, “What speaker sessions should we select, and how do we select speakers?” and “How do we set our conference…

Before I started as a consultant at Red Hat, I knew little beyond the title, what Consultant meant. What was the role, what did it mean, what would I be doing on a day to day basis? People ask, “… tech consultant? What is that?” And I’ve seen it described as a career path that is “less traditional” for those going to work in the software industry.

True that the role requires a range of skills beyond what would be expected in a typical or traditional software engineering role. …

Make sure you’re only spending what you need to

Kubernetes logo
Kubernetes logo
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Moving to Kubernetes won’t guarantee lowered cloud costs. This article shares how to manage costs for containerized applications within Kubernetes.

Whether you are using AWS Elastic Container Services (ECS) or any flavor of Kubernetes, this content can help FinOps teams succeed. A core tenet of managing cloud costs is understanding the operating models for our cloud-based workloads. Container technologies allow applications to run independently on shared computing resources, but this creates challenges in cost visibility, resource optimization, and budgeting.

Note that in ECS, containers and service instances are equivalent to pods and nodes in Kubernetes. …

April 7th, 2020: Harness U events:

This week held two virtual Harness University events. It was great to be able to interact with every attendee despite having to host the event interactions virtually. I attribute the successful interactions to the wonderful hosts of the event. I also think that hosting the event live contributes significantly to any virtual event’s success. This is a theory, for now, I’m looking forward to attending my first virtual conference featuring pre-recorded sessions/components later in the month.

Anyway, for these Harness U events this week, I mostly served as a shadow, chiming in with…

Observe20/20: A clear look at observability

April 6th, Observe20/20:

The event was excellent. The virtual sessions held lively audience participation and conversations. The speaker line consisted of individuals across disciplines sharing the findings related to the observability ecosystems and its applications in their respectable fields.

As I watched the speakers present, I noticed a common thread that brought us together. Observability allows users to understand and explain their systems. This thread is something that continues to drive my findings and thoughts around software delivery.

I shared my session on “Continuous Efficiency for Every Pipeline” towards the end of the…

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