This post will discuss an engineering leader’s perspective on the product management role.

Every product team will inevitably look to a product manager or individual to lead the product development definition and strategy.

And while this doesn’t happen in a silo, it can often happen if the right person doesn’t know how to leverage both engineering and domain knowledge. …

Recognition and appreciation in the workplace today are more important than ever for employee engagement, retention, and talent. But how can organizations better understand how to appreciate and recognize employees? This blog post will share how to do this with the help of love languages.

In 1992, Gary Chapman published…

Classes I took for the Georgia Tech OMSCS program.

A Review of Machine Learning and Reinforcement Learning.

Over the past two years, I’ve been taking courses at Georgia Tech while working full-time. During this time, I was traveling, consulting, and working at a startup. If you have a similar workload or situation that requires 40–50 hours’ worth of full-time work a week, this may help you. …

Tiffany Jachja

Tiffany is a software developer and advocate covering topics on ML, DevOps, and the #Cloud.

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