Georgia Tech’s Deep Learning Course

As my 9th class as a graduate student at the Technology Institue of Georgia, I decided to take OMSCS CS7643 on Deep Learning. During this summer semester, I interviewed for and started a new role as a data engineering manager. If you’re also expecting to be working full-time during the week or going through a transition, this review may help you.

If you’re looking for a review of Machine Learning (CS7641) and Reinforcement Learning (CS7642), I wrote about these courses in a previous blog post.

Course Information

The course consisted of assignments that I’ll discuss in greater detail.

Quiz (5) 20% — Submitted as a quiz via Canvas.

Assignments (3 for the summer, 4 for the regular semester): 55% — Based on Lecture Material programming assignments.

Discussions (3) 5% — Free form answers

Final Project 20% — Group project, open-ended.

Assignments Overview

The Quizzes

The Programming Assignments

The Discussions

The Final Project

Time & Effort

If you’re too familiar with Pytorch or Python programming concepts, you’ll be ok, but doing poorly on the quizzes will probably mean you’ll be reviewing material for the programming assignment, which may take you beyond 30 hour weeks for assignment due dates. The writeups did not take too much time. I would set aside 1–2 hours for that. I spent 60 hours on the final project and took the week off, and I spent 2–3 hours for discussions while I was taking breaks working on the programming assignments.

Final Thoughts

That’s all for now. This coming semester I’ll be taking my final course, graduate algorithms. Let me know if this was helpful — best of luck to everyone out there taking this course.



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