How to pass the AWS Machine Learning Speciality Exam & Other AWS Certification Exams

Tiffany Jachja
5 min readOct 16, 2023

In 2023, I passed the AWS Certified Machine Learning, earning my first Specialty exam certification. I’ve shared in previous channels and talked about how I succeeded on other AWS certifications, namely the AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification.

This blog post will share my approach to the AWS and Public Cloud Certification exams. I hope this will help anyone looking to uplevel and demonstrate additional capabilities in their area of expertise.

Step 1: Understand the Exam Blueprint

AWS provides an official exam guide or blueprint for each certification. Start by reviewing the AWS Certified Machine Learning — Specialty exam guide to understand each topic's domains, objectives, and weight on the exam.

The AWS Machine Learning Speciality exam has the following content domains and weightings:

  • Domain 1: Data Engineering (20% of scored content)
  • Domain 2: Exploratory Data Analysis (24% of scored content)
  • Domain 3: Modeling (36% of scored content)
  • Domain 4: Machine Learning Implementation and Operations (20% of scored content)

The AWS exams have two kinds of questions: a single-answer multiple choice and a multiple-answer multiple choice. Neither question has partial credit, so you must answer correctly to gain a point. The points accumulate to a score. A passing score for the exam is 750/1000.

Since this is an AWS exam, you should expect to get questions that involve specific AWS Services. The appendix of the official exam guide lists relevant AWS services. Search for each service’s product page to understand what that service does at a high level.

Step 2: Acquire Prerequisite Knowledge

Before attempting the specialty exam, it’s essential to have a solid understanding of AWS core services and the domain of the specialty. A set of questions will require more in-depth knowledge of specific AWS Services, especially those related to machine learning, such as Amazon SageMaker, AWS Lambda…



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