My First Three Weeks as a Data Engineering Manager.

Why does your team exist?

Our Data team at Vox Media is a small but growing and knowledgeable group of data enthusiasts.

Get Clear on the Details

My second week at Vox Media was defining these differences and articulating them by functions.

Scale Further

I’ve come into the organization at a time when we’re so curious and excited about data and ethical usage of data in modern platforms and solutions, such as Forte. However, this doesn’t mean anything if we can’t fully articulate the value of our plans at an inter and intra-team level. Communication runs into a scale problem quickly when team dynamics are set in a top-down hierarchy.


I hope this was a great introduction to some of my reflections on what it takes to build a data science team. Coming into this role was by no accident. I’m passionate about bringing teams together to deliver their software with confidence and success. I do this by sharing what I know, holding space, and inspiring anyone interested in tech to do the same. I’m Tiffany Jachja, a Data Engineering Manager at Vox Media, and I’m excited to bring Data Science solutions to our networks, viewers, communities, and industry.



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Tiffany Jachja

Tiffany Jachja

Software Engineering Manager covering topics on software, personal development, and career.